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All Numbers used below are NOT EXACT. They are at best the most accurate averages from the industry and as reported by our existing partners. 

1.Gross Yearly Turnover:
A.    Average Number of Yearly Transactions: 3150
B.    Average Size of Each Transactions: $165
C.    Gross Yearly Turnover (3150 * $165): $519,750

2.Gross Yearly Revenues:
Commission percentage is set based upon multiple factors like type of machine, market concentration, one-way vs. two-way machines, demographic factors, number of cryptocurrencies processed, etc. Our partners charge commissions between 9% and 20%. For the sake of simplicity of this calculation, we will assume that the average commission charged is 12% of the Transaction amount. CryptoVends charges 3% service fee of the Transaction amount, there by leaving net 9% for the Franchise Owner.
D.    Gross Yearly Revenue @ 9% Commission of Turnover (9% * $519,750): $46,778

3.Gross Yearly Expenses:

E.    One Time Franchise Ownership Cost: $25,000
F.    Optional Yearly Operational Expenses (Location Rent, Cash Logistics, Misc.): $6,000
G.    Total First Year Expenses ($25,000 + $6,000) = $31,000

4.Net Yearly Revenue to Franchise Owner:

First Year Profits:
D. Gross Yearly Revenue – G. Total First Year Expenses: ($46,778 - $31,000) = $15,778

Profits Second Year Onward
D. Gross Yearly Revenue – F. Yearly Operational Expenses: ($46,778 - $6,000) = $40,778 

Franchise Feasibility: Welcome
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