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Purchasing Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, privately is very difficult and often impossible for most. Moving Crypto back into cash is even worse. It requires complex, expensive, and highly scrutinized wire transfers and tons of paperwork. Even when it's possible through bank and wire transfers, using banks eliminates privacy, destroying one of the main reasons Cryptocurrency popularity is growing. Crypto Vending Machines help customers overcome these problems. However, until CRYPTOVENDS entered the market, Bitcoin ATM owners have struggled due to technical issues, lack of connections in the field, and misunderstandings of the Cryptocurrency world.

CRYPTOVENDS eliminates these issues by making Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency transactions as simple as using your bank’s ATM.

CRYPTOVENDS handles every aspect of your new Crypto Vending business.

In the past, Bitcoin ATM operators have gotten confused about the technological requirements and need for a network of providers. CRYPTOVENDS handles all that for you. We find your location, install your machine and guide you through all compliance regulations. You simply purchase a CRYPTOVENDS package and sit back and relax.

The team at CRYPTOVENDS is a collective of highly-skilled individuals who are dedicated which sets us apart from the competition. 


We pride ourselves in being the one and only company servicing new and emerging markets like India!

  1. Preferred Pricing - CRYPTOVENDS is a one-stop shop for Crypto Vending Machine ownership with no further ongoing royalties 

  2. Premium Locations - CRYPTOVENDS provides you with pre-qualified high traffic locations to place your Crypto Vending Machines

  3. Installation & Setup - CRYPTOVENDS installs your machine at the agreed upon location and compeletes all the set up

  4. Legal & Compliance - The Bitcoin industry involves vast regulations. CRYPTOVENDS guides you through all the compliance for your machine

  5. Further Maintenance - CRYPTOVENDS completes all initial and ongoing maintenance for your Crypto Vending Machine

  6. Superior Support - CRYPTOVENDS will be readily available at your beck and call whenever you need questions answered or issues resolved

  7. Advertising & Marketing - CRYPTOVENDS markets your location to the masses through the Bitcoin ATM web network along with onsite signage

  8. Pickup Services - If desired, you may receive cash pick up services from our select armored truck program

  9. Search Engine Optimization - SEO is how we get your locations ranked up on the search engines first page. We have a dedicated team of Google certified ad-word experts ready to build business around your CRYPTOVENDS location


  1. Immediate Income - Start generating revenue as soon as your first CRYPTOVENDS is installed

  2. Home-Based Business - Make money from the comfort of your home, even while you sleep

  3. Turn-Key Franchise - CRYPTOVENDS takes care of all the ins and outs of your business

  4. Exploding Industry - Crypto Vending Machines are generating $30,000 - $50,000 in transactions per month but are still missing from the most prime locations

  5. Low Overhead - Since CRYPTOVENDS is a home-based business there are hardly any additional expenses incurred

  6. No Employees Necessary - This Crypto Vending Machine business is supported by the CRYPTOVENDS team and doesn't require any employees other than the franchise owner

  7. All Cash Business - There's no headache from receivables, payroll, credit, banking, etc.

  8. Quick ROI - Fast return on investment so you’re enjoying residual income almost immediately

  9. No competition - Ground floor opportunity so competition is non-existent in most cities

  10. No Experience Necessary - Easy to operate, so no technological knowledge is needed

How It Works

Your customers put their cash into your CRYPTOVENDS machine and the system automatically converts that cash into Bitcoin or any other popular Cryptocurrency. You keep a very significant portion of the overall transaction as a fee for providing this much needed convenience.

Alternatively with a two-way Bitcoin ATM, customers can pay you in Cryptocurrency and you hand them back cash. You can profit in either direction.

CRYPTOVENDS has removed the technical hurdles, built an amazing network within the industry and has deep knowledge of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. With this CRYPTOVENDS franchise, you get a back door entry into this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Those who get in early will be the ones to profit the most. Don’t be left behind. Inquire with CRYPTOVENDS today!



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